Salted Egg Chips




Salted Egg Chips

Alcalde’s Menu is not just focusing on Gourmet products we also have Salted Egg Chips that you can enjoy and we will not break our promise that you will fall inlove with our products, try it now and don’t miss to fall in love.

We known the Filipino’s are food lover, and they want to experience different variety of food. Salted egg is one of the favorite of the native filipino’s, when its raining or sunny weather this is really good to try for the first timer.

Salted egg chips This is also nice for alternative for junk food and “pulutan” for native filipino party and barkada bonding. Instead of junk foods snacks this is more healthy and more delicious alternative. This is a must try snack best for every event in your life.

Nutrition Facts of Salted Egg

Alcalde's Menu

Source: Royal Perkin Ducks Farm

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